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Standard Restoration

With your monthly subscription - We will Dispute up to 15 items (5 per bureau) every 35 days.  A  1- time enrollment fee of $89.00 is required 6 days after the commencement of the contract and after that, you will be begin making a  monthly payment of $99.00 until you decide you would like to terminate services. 

Credit Resurgence Program

The Credit Re-Surge program is designed for clients who have achieved their primary credit repair goal. Often, there will be no more information to verify or accounts to be disputed. This program features personalized coaching on ways in which to reestablish credit or rebuild credit as well as personalized consulting regarding factors underlying credit scoring.  


 $89.00 Enrollment Fee due on the 6th day after contract initiation.  Please note that the $89.00 enrollment fee only applies to the monthly subscription plan!

Enrollment Fee


1-time fee billed 6 days after contract initiation

This fee is only applicable to the monthly subscription plan

Monthly Subscription


Billed monthly

We will typically  dispute up to 15 items, 5 per credit bureau every 35 days

Credit Resurge


Non Subscription - 1-time Payment

Program features individualized program plan for credit improvement. Ideal client typically does not need credit repair

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